Colorificio Testa - Our History

Our factory was born in 1965 as individual firm founded by our father Giancarlo Testa, and then in 1985 it became a society.

During these more than 50 years we have grown in experience and technical competence, we have developped our production with the aid of best quality raw materials to obtain a product always at the top.

The constant dialogue with our customers has helped us to improve continually our Products according to the varied demands , and the informations we have received are a rich and precious source for the development of new varnishes.

Our objectives

We want to be always in progress, and our desire to do well pushes us towards new challenges with new and innovative products, less harmfull and certainly in this moment less known , almost against the rules of the market, but that by our opinion they will become between little time and always most bossily “ the products of the future”.

Our main objective remains the total satisfaction of the final customer.

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